A checklist of things to do when moving to Australia

Just thing about moving to Australia or anywhere overseas is enough to create a panic attack in any normal person.  This is an adventure like no other and you really need to give ample time for preparations, documentation, reservations, packing and moving.  If you do not create a stalwart plan for everything that you need to do, you just may be overwhelmed and stressed and you haven’t even left the country yet.  So, to make things simple and to give you a guide on what you need to prepare for, here is a checklist of things to do when shipping or moving to Australia.

  1.  Documentation

Before you can even begin your preparations for moving to Australia, you need to have the proper visas as proof that you’re eligible to be moving into the country.  You also need to keep a file of your personal documentation, like passports, driver’s licenses, birth and marriage certificates, references and other paper work that you may need.  Once you have these, you can actively begin to prepare for the impending move.



  1. Learn about the country

If you haven’t had a chance to go to Australia to see what is has to offer, you may want to spend some time on the Internet learning more about the country you’re moving to.  You can learn about the culture, the language, the climate, housing options, job opportunities (if you need one) and educational institutions for your kids (if you have any). 



  1. Packing and Moving

When the time for moving is drawing near, you need to step up your plans for finding an international moving company.  You need to get quotes from different providers so you can determine the best value for your money and safety for your belongings.  Though your first thought may probably be to bring everything you have across the seas, it may be more prudent to keep your belongings to a minimum to save on costs as moving companies, especially international ones, charge by the weight of their cargo.  If possible, leave your furniture and to take only the essential stuff with you like clothes (that are suitable for the climate in Australia), beds (if they can be disassembled for easier packing), and some sentimental items that you may wish to bring.  You can compare the costs of shipping versus buying some of these stuff when you get there to help you with your decision.  You may also need to arrange for your pet and your vehicle, if you want to bring them with you. Finding the right shipping company is easy, you just need to look at reviews like the Movecorp International Shipping Reviews, and many other websites for removal companies.

  1. Letting go of accounts

Since you’re moving out of the country, it will be time to close and move your bank accounts to Australia.  You also need to cancel subscriptions to your utilities, like cable, internet and phone and pay off any outstanding debts.  Give your notice to your kids’ school, to your employer and anyone else who needs to be notified of your impending move to Australia.

  1. Flight plans and logistics

Once everything is settled, you need to make your travel arrangements.  You also need to coordinate with your international mover as to when your belongings will be delivered to your new home.  Arrange your arrival with your real estate agent so that your residence will be prepped for your homecoming.