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International Removals

Moving to a different country can be a stressful event – but it doesn’t have to be. Finding a quality international removals company can help ease you into your new home, even if it’s a thousand miles away from your old one.

An international removals company can help you relocate all your important goods to your new residence or business address. For international transfers, special shipping containers and vans are typically used.

Removal Services
Different international removals companies offer different services to their customers. Most shipping companies offer the basic services of going to your house to gather all your belongings; packing your items for you, some even providing the necessary packaging equipment; loading the goods, even heavy furniture, into their vehicles; transporting your valuables in a safe manner; and unpacking your possessions for you once they get to your new home. Some international removals companies offer added services, such as car or pet transports.

When you hire an international removals company, you are assured that professionals are handling your goods. Special materials, such as wooden boxes or crates, suitcases, blankets and bunched-up newspapers, are used in order to protect your items from damages during transport.

Removal Prices
The price of international removals depends on several factors, and can vary greatly from one company to another. For international removals, the cost is determined mainly by the distance of the move and the number and the weight of the items that need to be transferred. The type of furniture is also occasionally taken into account, as well as the number of people needed for the job. It is therefore necessary that you create an inventory of all the goods that you will be taking with you.

Some companies also offer to insure your goods, which can cost an additional amount. Items that have been packed by the owner (also known as PBO) are usually not covered by the insurance policy.


You will find numerous international removals companies available in the Internet nowadays. Before you choose one, make sure that the company is dependable, by checking the feedback from other clients. Thoroughly look into the services that they offer, and compare the quotes they give you. If you have specific, valuable items that need to be transported, such as a piano, make sure that the company you choose has experience in moving these kinds of items. Hiring a decent, reliable international removals company will definitely make your move effortless and trouble-free.

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