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A carpet is an ornamental covering placed on the floor. It has both protective and decorative uses. There are many different types of carpets that you can find in the market today, from woven to tufted to knotted to Berber. There are likewise different styles, including Persian, Oriental and Turkish, to name a few.

No matter what kind of carpet you have, it is important to keep it in good shape. Typically, dirt and stains accumulate in the fibers of the carpet; although these are not easily visible, they can damage the carpet and make it appear dull and unclean. Aside from this, your carpet can also accumulate pollutants found in the air, such as pollen, car exhaust and cigarette smoke, which can cause health problems, including allergies and asthma, in you and your family. Thus, carpet cleaning should be made a routine in any home. Regular carpet maintenance should involve the following:


• Vacuuming. Dirt and soil that collect in the carpet can abrade the fibers, resulting in a dull, faded carpet. Regularly vacuuming your carpets can prevent the build up of dirt. Ideally, you should use a vacuum with a brush at least once every week.

• Matted carpet. Typically, a carpet becomes matted due to heavy furniture that has been sitting on top of the carpet for a long time. To restore this, try brushing the carpet fibers using a coin. If this doesn’t work, you can try using a steam iron placed approximately 3 inches from the carpet surface.

• Dealing with spills. If you accidentally spill something on your carpet, it is essential that you clean it as soon as possible. When left to dry over time, these spills can become permanent stains. Use white towels to clean up the stain immediately, and absorb as much of the liquid as you possibly can. The earlier you clean a spill, the easier it will be.

• Use of cleaning solutions. Before using a cleaning solution, you should test it on a small corner of the carpet first, and use as little of the solution as possible. Some cleaning solutions can actually leave a stain on your carpet, instead of cleaning it. Thus, it may be better to just leave the use of these cleaning solutions to the professionals.

• Professional cleaning. No amount of washing or vacuuming can match the carpet cleaning done by professionals. These companies use special equipment and solutions to thoroughly clean your carpet. It is best to get your carpet cleaned by a professional approximately once a year.

Keep your carpet looking new with these simple carpet care tips!

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