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What Do You Take and What Do You Leave

International home moving removals to France can be a very difficult and stressful situation. One of the hardest parts is the process of packing, wherein you will have to decide which items to take with you to your new home, and which ones are just better to leave behind. To guide you in your decision, here are things you should remember:

• First of all, create a checklist of items. Write down all the items that you own, with specific details. Make the inventory flexible so that you can input items that you may have forgotten along the way.

• Start your packing process with the big items and furniture. These include your refrigerator, television, sound system, the couch, and the like. Determine how old these items are, and whether they are still in good condition. If your furniture is already several years old, or is already breaking down, and you’ll probably need to buy a new one in the next couple of months, then you may well just sell your old furniture and buy a new one when you get to your new home. This can save you a significant amount on shipping, especially when the items are bulky and heavy. If, however, the items are still functioning pretty well and will probably last you a few more years, then you may want to bring them along with you on your move.

• Next, gather the breakable items, such as mirrors, glass tops and special china. Breakable items are not easily transported, and typically require a lot of protective packaging; this could amount to an expensive price when having the item shipped. If the shipment would be more expensive than the product’s original price, then it may just be better to leave it behind and get a new one at your new destination or ask advice from a local tamworth electrician.

• Once you’ve sorted out the bigger items, you can now go through the smaller, personal goods. It is usually easier to decide to dispose of these items than the bigger ones. Pack them carefully in large shipping boxes, and label them as you go along. Disposable items, such as shampoo, toothbrushes, and the like, can easily be left behind and replaced once you get to your new home.

• Certain goods, such as a piano, can pose a big problem to moving. Make sure you contact a shipping company that can handle the shipping for you.

• If you want to take your car with you, consider whether it would be wise to do so. Importing a foreign car can necessitate a lot of paperwork, which you may not have time for during your first few weeks. Also, if you’re moving to a country with a right-hand drive and your car is of the opposite kind, then you should consider selling your present car and just getting a new or secondhand car in your new destination.

• Finally, valuable items, such as jewelry and important documents, are best hand-carried.

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